It's a big world out there and it can be hard to find out where to get answers to your questions about traveling abroad - especially while you're traveling. As we researched and talked to world citizens we compiled a list of resources that we found helpful. You won't find everything here, but it's a great start.

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Before You Go

Center for Disease Control
U.S. government's advice on vaccinations, immunizations, and general health conditions abroad

Travel Vaccination Locations
Traveler’s medical and vaccination centers

Travel Insurance

United States Customs Service
Customs regulations for the U.S. and international governments

Study Abroad

US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs: Tips for Students Abroad
Travel warnings, obtaining passports and visas, background notes on countries, foreign entry requirements, medical insurance, US Embassy or consulate locations, crisis abroad information, general safety precautions, travel benefits for students, and links to other sources of information for students

International Education Resource
Programs abroad and travel resources: travel warnings, travel guides, Embassies, currency converter, travel insurance, hostels/accommodations, international ID cards

Best Study Abroad Resources
Links to key publications, web sites, and articles on study abroad

AIFS Study Abroad Programs
Information on International and summer study abroad programs

Traveling Abroad

A quick guide to embassies around the world

Association for International Practical Training
Global training and cultural exchange programs for professionals or students

Expert advice on individual travel destinations around the world

Lonely Planet
Another excellent source for advice on travel

Meet Your Neighbors

Reference tool to give an insider’s perspective on individual countries’ culture: history, religion, customs, views, traditions, peoples, and languages

Language Help
Provides both audio and printable phrase guides to a host of languages

CIA World Factbook
Summary of every country’s statistics: geographical boundaries, international disputes, climate, geography, economic indicators, demographics, government, communications, and defense

The Virtual Tourist
Click on the atlas to zoom into the region of your choice.

Money Matters

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Universal Currency Converter
The online converter allows you to check current conversion rates by selecting the two currencies you’re interested in and the amount. Rates are updated every minute.

Western Union
Money transfers, quick collect, send money online, bill payments, send cash worldwide

Tipping Abroad

Chart by Country
Search "tipping guides" by country

Metric Conversions of Measurement
length/distance, temperature, speed, volume, weight/mass, date/time, and more

Transportation & Accommodations

Train Information

Schedules and fares in Europe
Schedules and fares worldwide

Eurail Passes and Information

International Road Signs and Signals

Hostel Listings Worldwide
Thousands of mostly private hostel listings in North America and international
Lists accommodations in order of name, type and price

Info & News

Live Radio Net
Links to thousands of online radio stations worldwide

World Language Real-Time Chat and Forums

World Newspapers and Online Magazines

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